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Kiss Me

"Traditional mascaras are oil-based paints, Kiss Me Mascara does not paint the lashes, but instead it forms a tiny tube around every lash. The tube adds volume to the lash as it wraps itself around it, it also extends past the length of the lash actually extending it. Kiss Me Mascara is applied just like any other mascara. But removal is just as revolutionary as the unique formula itself. It will come off only with warm water and a very gently pressure. No more black tears streaming down your face, no more racoon eyes. It comes off only when you want it to come and easier than a waterproof by far!"

Kiss Me Mascara is known for:

  • Kiss Me does not penetrate your skin or your lashes, unlike most mascaras.
  • Kiss Me lasts 2 to 3 times longer because it does not dry out as fast as traditional mascaras

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