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"We at LINACARE believe in the "back to basics" approach to skin care. LINACARE products contain only those elements that contribute to adding or retaining moisture in the skin, setting it apart from many of the conventional creams and lotions that often contain ingredients with no moisturizing value, only marketing value. 

We do not use additives or ingredients that may cause irritation to the skin and possible allergic reactions. We do not believe in expensive marketing whereby the cost of the product is only a small portion of the advertising cost.

Our mission is to bring to the well-informed and discerning consumer, superior products that provide effective and long-lasting moisturization, that visibly improve the health and appearance of the skin, contain no unnecessary ingredients, and can be used by the whole family. Regular users of LINACARE are sure to find their skin transformed.

We don't test on animals - we only test on friends and family!"
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